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Mac Standalone x IDE different behaviour
Hi guys, the following code gives different results running on the IDE versus running standalone

command startLiveCloud
   answer "Internet Status:" & cdb_checkInternetStatus()
   get cdb_auth("xxx@xxx.com","xxxx","user")
   answer "Initialization Response: " & cdb_result("response")
   cdb_loadTable ("Users")
   answer "Load Response: " & cdb_result("response")
   answer "Users: " & cdb_count("Users", "cloud")
end startLiveCloud

Internet Status is "true" on both cases
"Initialization Response: " and "Load Response: " are empty on both cases (as they should)
"Users: " returns 16 (which is correct) on the IDE and nothing (empty! not even 0) on the standalone.

Before you ask before building the standalone I have added the full CanelaDB folder to be copied and manually added the 4 needed inclusions. (double checked it many times)

This is driving me crazy!!!!

Any hints?
To ";" or not to ";" that is the question

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Mac Standalone x IDE different behaviour - by simon.schvartzman - 09-14-2019, 05:11 PM

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