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Windows OS problems

So we're developing mobile apps for both IOS and Android, they are working well, and an application that should run on both Mac and Windows.

On Mac it works well both in development and compiled.

On Windows it gives "The Canela SDK missing. Please export your CandelaDB again" if stack opened in Livecode Business 5.1.

If compiled to a Windows version from Mac, it doesn't work / download data, so no luck there. *CORRECTED: It does work But i tried to log in with a user created in Mac, and I don't think password hash matched. I will try to create new user from the Windows application instead.

I've tried several things. Among them to export the toolkit from a LiveCloud Manager that runs on Windows, in case of encryption being different or something. 

As your stacks are encrypted, and encryption results can be different between platforms, could that be the issue here? 

Something is wrong in any case ....

Br /John

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