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Windows OS problems
Hi John,

All platforms are compatible with the same CanelaDB folder that is exported from LCM. The main thing to keep in mind for Windows and Linux is the placement of the CanelaDB folder. The libraries are having trouble finding the Config file. Our provided initializeCanelaDB code may not match the actual location of the CanelaDB folder.

It is just fine to put the CanelaDB folder where you like. We default it to being at the same level as your executable. If this is not the case, simply update the path in the initializeCanelaDB handler to the actual path of the CanelaDB folder.

You should look at this section of the init handler (paying attention to the case "Win32":

switch the platform
               case "android"
               case "iPhone"
                    put specialFolderPath("engine") & "/CanelaDB/libraries/" into tLibraryPath
               case "MacOS"
                    put specialFolderPath("resources") & "/CanelaDB/libraries/" into tLibraryPath
               case "Win32"
               case "Linux"
                    put item 1 to -2 of (the fileName of this stack) into tLibraryPath
                    put "/CanelaDB/libraries/" after tLibraryPath
end switch

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