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Live Cloud Manager (missing label)
When creating fields the drop down menu has two options: HyperBlog and String. Though... the String option appears blank. It should say "String", otherwise it is confusing.

I'm just guessing that the 3 dots directly to the left of the field type drop down menu, would allow the user to name their own field types, (even though they're all really just strings.) Nice. But until it's working, it would be best if the 3 dots, (which everybody is going to click on) are not visible. Not a good idea to have inactive features in a production app.
The 3 dots icon is for reordering your keys. You can hold and drag the icon to reorder the keys to make them into a meaningful order if you wish.

Thank you for your input.
I put an enhancement/bug report in to change the cursor to a hand when hovering over the 3 dots. This seems to be a common convention to indicate that you can grab something in that location.

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